Information for Parents

TCU Substance Use & Recovery Services understands that any type of substance use that negatively impacts student success is a concern for parents. Therefore, the office offers a variety of resources for parents of TCU students.

  • If you are worried about the immediate health and safety of your student, please contact the TCU Police Department by calling 817-257-7777.
  • Parents and families are encouraged to discuss their expectations regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs with their TCU student, especially prior to coming to campus. In order to help facilitate this conversation, we have provided some Do’s and Dont’s.
  • Concerned about a student? Find out how to refer a student to our office.
  • TCU students are expected to abide by all University Policies as well as state and federal laws regarding alcohol and other drugs. Students who fail to do so may receive an alcohol or drug violation.
  • Find resources regarding alcohol or other drug information and support.
  • The TCU Parent & Family Programs offer great general information specifically for parents and families of TCU students.
  • Parents and loved ones of students in treatment or in recovery from alcohol/substance use disorders are highly encouraged to attend local Al-Anon meetings.
  • For more information or additional questions, contact us or call us at 817.257.7100.

TCU Parent Alcohol Handbook

By reading this handbook and talking with your son or daughter, you have the opportunity to reduce the likelihood he or she will experience the negative consequences associated with binge drinking.

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