Alcohol Poisoning

Signs and Symptoms – if the person:

  • Cannot be awakened, is unconscious or only semi-conscious
  • Has cold, clammy, pale, or bluish skin
  • Has irregular breathing, or is breathing less than 8 times per minute
  • Vomits while “sleeping” or passed out, or doesn’t wake up after vomiting

GET HELP! Do not wait!
Turn the person on their side to help prevent choking.

  • Your Hall Director or RA, or any administrative staff.
  • If you are on campus call TCU Police 817-257-7777 (or 7777 from any on-campus extension).
  • If you are off campus, call 911.

TCU’s Medical Amnesty/Good Samaritan Policy
TCU’s main concern is for the well-being, health, and safety of its students. In short, the Medical Amnesty/Good Samaritan Policy outlines that:

  • An individual who calls for emergency assistance on behalf of a person experiencing an alcohol or other drug-related emergency will not face formal disciplinary action by the University for the possession or use of alcohol or other drugs.

To review the full extent of TCU’s policies regarding alcohol and drugs, as well as information about procedures and sanctions, consult the TCU Student Handbook.