Services Offered

TCU Substance Use & Recovery Services (SURS) is based on a philosophy of student development which incorporates personal and community wellness.  Fostering self-esteem, interpersonal skill development, and a sense of belonging are key elements in helping students acquire the skills and competencies to appropriately navigate experiences with alcohol and other drugs.  The SURS office encourages students to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves, for others, and for the University by assuming leadership in setting behavioral norms for the campus community. To this end, our programs and services include:

We have licensed therapists with specialized training and experience with Substance Use and co-occurring Disorders. Individual counseling can be helpful to talk through any concerns, curiosities, or questions regarding substance use and related issues — either for yourself or someone else that you care about. To schedule an appointment with a licensed Substance Use and Recovery Counselor, call the TCU Counseling Center main office at 817-257-7863.

When a TCU student may need more than individual counseling and/or peer support for a Substance Use Disorder and co-occurring issues, they may be referred to a higher level of care. TCU has partnered with a third party to provide Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Supportive Outpatient (SOP) services to currently enrolled students right here on our campus. Arise Recovery Centers – On Campus (ARCON) provides free “mini-assessments” for students and families who are interested in this service.

Both counselors and educators conduct individual alcohol and drug assessments with students who are referred to the Substance Use & Recovery Services office.  These assessments provide students with harm-reduction education, feedback, and resources regarding their substance use and current situation. Students receiving TCU alcohol and/or drug policy violations are required to complete an assessment. 

Students needing on-going counseling, additional resources, and/or crisis care will be referred to the TCU Counseling Center or Dean Of Students  office as appropriate.


Alcohol Education Workshops are usually conducted once every three weeks during the fall and spring semesters.  These two-hour workshops provide students with information about responsible decision making, reducing risk, state and local laws, TCU statistics, and signs of alcohol poisoning.  Workshops are attended by students who have received an alcohol policy violation and by some students who have received an off-campus ticket for a legal sanction. This workshop does not always meet the requirement for off-campus tickets. Contact us for more information. 


This workshop is offered via an online format for students whose academic schedules do not allow them to present to the workshop in person. Exceptions are only made for students with academic conflicts – exceptions are not made for work or social scheduling conflicts.


TCU Substance Use & Recovery Services and the Power 2 Choose coordinate and publicize several national awareness campaigns annually.  Examples are:  National Collegiate Recovery Awareness Month, National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week, Great American Smoke Out, Safe Spring Break, and National Alcohol Screening Day.


Each year, the Substance Use & Recovery Services office collaborates with other departments to sponsor programs and events for the entire campus.  Nationally recognized speakers, alcohol-free programs, and Student Tailgates are a few examples of programs that target the entire campus.


The Substance Use & Recovery Services office provides educational presentations for groups in the TCU community, such as “Don’t Cancel That Class” or Recovery Ally Training.


The office staff provides training for faculty, staff, and students.  Resident Assistants, Frog Camp Facilitators, Orientation Leaders, and Chapter Resident Assistants are a few of the student leadership groups that participate in trainings. Contact us at to request a tailored program for your classroom or organization.


The Substance Use & Recovery Services office strives to provide a supportive community where students in recovery and in hope of recovery can achieve academic, social, and personal success in an alcohol and drug-free college experience. Support is also offered to students who have a loved one in recovery or are affected by a loved one’s substance use/mental illness.